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And being a ‘multi-cultural’ paradise where all cultures are supposedly equal, jihadi culture (Islam 101) can’t be condemned.

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Security chief: 100 Swedes have joined IS

Soldater från Islamiska staten som tågar på en gata.
Säpo confirms 100 Swedish citizens have joined IS. Photo: TT.

The Swedish Security Service confirms that 100 Swedish citizens have travelled to Iraq and Syria to fight for IS, with another 150 also thought to have joined the militant Islamist group, Swedish Radio News reports.

Published lördag 22 november kl 15:15

Anders Thornberg, head of the Swedish Security Service (Säpo), told Swedish Radio News that there could be between 250 and 300 Swedes fighting in Iraq and Syria and that the figure is growing rapidly.

”A week ago, I saw documents showing that 92 people had travelled from Sweden to participate in the fighting in Syria and Iraq. Yesterday, the number of confirmed cases was 100,” said Thornberg.

“We have seen an increasing number of young Swedish men travel to Syria, where they receive training in camps and are taught to become terrorists and how to handle explosives and weapons,” Thornberg said. “They are crossing all lines of human behaviour, taking part in beheadings, fighting and killing other human beings,” he added.

Thornberg said many are traumatised when they return to Sweden and may be prepared to commit violent acts here, too. That means Säpo must monitor those individuals, he said.

 “We have to be prepared when they return and find out who they are, what their intentions are and what they are capable of doing,” Thornberg said.

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