Race Baiting US


Forget about the important feature needed to arrest someone, like crime.

What they are really saying by default is that more non-whites are guilty of criminal activity, and are arrested for it. It’s too bad race is always injected into the crime statistics and media talking points, the only racial/ethnic group needed to be mentioned are those coming from foreign lands, otherwise it’s just Americans being arrested.

Racial gap in U.S. arrest rates: ‘Staggering disparity’

When it comes to racially lopsided arrests, the most remarkable thing about Ferguson, Mo., might be just how ordinary it is.

Police in Ferguson — which erupted into days of racially charged unrest after a white officer killed an unarmed black teen — arrest black people at a rate nearly three times higher than people of other races.

At least 1,581 other police departments across the USA arrest black people at rates even more skewed than in Ferguson, a USA TODAY analysis of arrest records shows. That includes departments in cities as large and diverse as Chicago and San Francisco and in the suburbs that encircle St. Louis, New York and Detroit.

Those disparities are easier to measure than they are to explain. They could be a reflection of biased policing; they could just as easily be a byproduct of the vast economic and educational gaps that persist across much of the USA — factors closely tied to crime rates. In other words, experts said, the fact that such disparities exist does little to explain their causes.

“That does not mean police are discriminating. But it does mean it’s worth looking at. It means you might have a problem, and you need to pay attention,” said University of Pittsburgh law professor David Harris, a leading expert on racial profiling.

More here. H/T: Fjordman

NOTE: The article states that it hasn’t any facts whatsoever as to whether these police forces are discriminating, but nonetheless they run a cheap shot article hinting on just that, that the police are bigots. It’s exactly this kind of faux journalism that disgusts the average American, and why they do not trust the Legacy Media.

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