Islam in Denmark


Gee, that’s exactly what the Danes were hoping for in the multi-cultural experiment…….not.

Syrian conflict playing out in Denmark

Syrian conflict playing out in Denmark

The head of the Danish-Syrian Association says tensions are mounting within Denmark between pro-Assad and pro-Isis factions. Photo: Joseph Eid

Published: 21 Nov 2014 14:50 GMT+01:00

Mohammad Mahfoud told broadcaster DR that as the head of the Danish-Syrian Association he supports President Bashar al-Assad and is against Isis. And that, he said, has led to confrontations and threats that he says will only get worse.

Mahfoud recounted an incident in which he was eating at a popular kebab restaurant in Copenhagen’s Nørrebro district last year when two cars filled with 8-10 Isis supporters pulled up and eyed Mahfoud through the restaurant’s window.

The men came in and a confrontation quickly ensued in which one of the men threatened to behead Mahfoud on the spot. When Mahfoud’s friends came to his defence, the confrontation became more intense before the Isis supporters were forced to leave. Before driving off, they removed an Isis flag from the trunk of their car and waved it at Mahfoud while gesturing that they would slit his throat.

Mahfoud said the incident represents a current trend within elements of Denmark’s Muslim community.

“People are becoming more and more religious. There is more talk about religion and more extremism,” he told DR.

In another example of Isis supporters created trouble in Copenhagen’s streets, a protest by Danish Kurds in August was interrupted by a pro-Isis supporter. The Kurdish protesters quickly ran after the man’s vehicle and attempted to pull him out. The entire incident was caught on video:

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