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Video: Hanan Ashrawi Spews Hate Paid For By Your Taxes

See if you can make it through the whole thing: I was gagging after her epic blame everyone but the terrorists opening.

That tour de force performance by Hanan Ashrawi is brought to you by these fine sponsors!

International donars summary with hanan ashwari

And here are the details of how much money Hanan’s organisation Miftah (because she’s the head honcho) pocketed from the taxpayers of western nations.

Donars highlighted Just 2013 contributions Miftah financial records FS-2013-Final

So there you have it, $733,828 from Britain (the largest donor for Hanan), the US, Norway, Ireland and of course, the UN (which is funded by all of the above as well).

Last year Elder of Zion caught Miftah publishing revolting Jew hating blood libels. Once exposed and translated by MEMRI, of course, they took it down and tried to cover it up.

Just for good measure, here are the highlights of her CNN screed:

Good morning to you. Obviously the continued escalation by the Israelioccupation and the targeting of Palestinians civilians, and of course the incursions to Haram al-Sharif the noble sanctuary and the increase in land theft and home demolitions in Jerusalem all generated the spiral of violence.


And yesterday’s lynching of the Palestinian bus driver, as well as other incidents but particularly by settlers against Palestinian civilians, have provoked the Palestinians to the point where many are retaliating, individually, through resorting to violence.

Of course the “lynching of the Palestinian bus driver” had already proved to have been him hanging himself in his bus! The CNN anchor has no time or knowledge to push back on this.

Perhaps those of you living in countries that pay this woman’s salary might like to ask your elected officials why they do it.

h/t and acknowledgement to Kenneth at Tundra Tabloids for video help.

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