Anti-Israel bigotry and bias Islam in the UK


This shows just how buffoonish it is to hand over British titles to Muslims like candy to a 3 year old.

Ex-UK minister sparks anger with pro-Palestinian tweet after synagogue terror attack

Sayeeda Warsi

Sayeeda Warsi. (photo credit:REUTERS)

Former UK Foreign Office Minister and previous Conservative Party Chairman Baroness Sayeeda Warsi started a social media storm after she tweeted a message that clearly implied equivalence between the Har Nof terrorists and Israelis protesting over Temple Mount.

The controversial politician, who – until her resignation in protest at Government policy which she complained was far too tolerant of Israel’s action in defending itself against Hamas rocketry during the recent Gaza war – had been the highest ranked Muslim in British politics with a seat at the Cabinet table.

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  1. At the end of the day she’s a Muzz and can’t be trusted. No matter how Western she appears, no matter how moderate she comes across, no matter that she wears her hair down and uncovered, she’s still part of the Fifth Column. Her true colours have come out.
    Unless a Muslim is a genuine ex-Muslim who has either become an Atheist or has converted to Christianity they can never be 100% trusted.

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