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GATES OF VIENNA: The video below features the incomparable Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) explaining on the floor of Congress the significance of today’s Muslim prayer service in Washington D.C. at the edifice formerly known as the National Cathedral.

As Dr. Andrew Bostom pointed out, today is the 100th anniversary of the last jihad declared against infidels by the last Caliph, who was also the last Sultan of the Ottoman Empire.

The significance of the date is undoubtedly lost on most Americans, including the highly-cultured cognoscenti who administer the national organization of the Episcopal Church in the United States. But, as Rep. Gohmert emphasizes, the meaning of the date was most assuredly not lost on the leaders of the various leaders of Muslim Brotherhood groups who today converted the former cathedral into the Washington National Masjid:

Hat tip: The Counter Jihad Report.

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ALSO: In Germany as well, yet another brave woman stands up and denounces the outrage.

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  1. May God bless these women! It is increasingly apparent that the roles of men and women are being reversed. The men are being neutered and to fill the void, women are growing a pair. The so-called Church is eviscerated itself as well. In the Church’s history women have often had to rise up and show their mettle. These two did so while the men stood by impotent and weak. The Islamist’s advance by wearing the west down. A thousand paper cuts delivered by incessant dripping water made up of words and legal actions. All are lies. They are leveraging our so-called democratic processes against us. And we swallow it whole. Men, better wake up and get to work on destroying this pestilence – or one day it WILL destroy you.

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