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Grab some popcorn and favorite beverage and watch the show.


I’m sure everyone can see the irony of a memorial for a terrorist-in-chief being disrupted by terrorism, but that’s normal for the terrorist entity called the Paleostinians. At least Hamas is using bombs, when they took over the Gaza Strip, they threw Fatah officials off of tall buildings, which is the manner homosexuals are murdered in Islam.


Fatah cancels Arafat memorials after bombings, blames Hamas

By Michael Pearson and Yasmin Amer, CNN
November 9, 2014 — Updated 2026 GMT (0426 HKT)
Fayez Abu Eitta, left, a Fatah leader in Gaza, speaks on the phone as he inspects the damage to his car.
Fayez Abu Eitta, left, a Fatah leader in Gaza, speaks on the phone as he inspects the damage to his car.

(CNN) — Fatah, the Palestinian political party, said Sunday it will scrap a series of events to commemorate the death 10 years ago of Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat.

The decision comes two days after a series of bombings at the homes of Fatah leaders and highlights rising tensions between the rival political factions, despite their April agreement on a unity government.

In a statement Sunday announcing the decision to call off the Arafat events — which were set to begin this week — Fatah official Izam al-Ahmad cited bomb attacks which he blamed on Hamas.

A number of explosions rocked homes owned by Fatah figures on Friday, according to the Palestinian Authority. No injuries were reported.

The explosions took place as Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah was preparing to visit Gaza. The trip has been postponed indefinitely, the Palestinian Authority said.

Hamas denounced the attacks, according to the Facebook page of spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri.

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