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TT compadre, Warren Raymond, goes head to head with Islamopologist (‘moderate’ Islam peddler) Zuhdi Jasser, concerning the latter’s call for the Obama administration to protect the ‘Rohingya’ Muslims of Burma.

Fibber Zuhdi Jasser: Please read and disseminate our full report from USCIRF after our trip to Burma in August 2014 reviewing our findings of the horrible religious freedom situation there. On the eve of President Obama’s upcoming trip to Burma our findings will be particularly relevant. Will President Obama even use the word “Rohingya”? Will he continue to praise their “political progress” while ignoring the plight of religious freedom especially for Muslims and Kachin Christians? Read our report and hold our President and media accountable.

Everywhere you look in the world, in the present age and in times past, Muslims have been waging their jihad on indigenous peoples, wiping out their cultures, traditions, moral codes and systems of jurisprudence. What we see in Burma, are indigenous peoples (Buddhists) fighting back against the non-indigenuous Islamic horde, and while the violence carried out is entirely regrettable, such a gross violation of national sovereignty should never be rewarded with a de facto state of their own.

Here’s the exchange:

  • Warren Raymond “Rohingya” is an invention just like the “Palestinians” were invented after 1967. They are Bengal Muslim invaders. If they are legitimised, they will wipe out the Buddhists of Burma, just like they wiped out the Buddhists of Afghanistan and India.
  • M Zuhdi Jasser Warren Raymond all nations have challenges with immigrant populations with regards to national security and identity. Read our full report. Your comments and Burma’s chauvinistic solutions will not work and are inhumane. These are Muslims who have been Burmese for generations. To deny them religious freedom and agency is a crime and violates all standards of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. We saw little to no evidence of any penetration of AQ, MB, JI, or Wahhabism or petro-radical Islamist movements in the groups ideologies we met nor evidenced provably by Burma’s government. If there is a disenfranchised community of Muslims in the world from both the west and the Islamists of the OIC, it is the Rohingya Muslims of Burma. This in no way minimizes any national security risks any groups like Islamists may pose, but you should know that Burmese chauvinism and criminal religious discrimination serves only to put jet fuel into Muslim separatism and radicalization to the extent that it exists at all in Burma. To deny them all religious freedom and agency after they have been in Burma for generations is not only a failed strategy but inhumane.
  • Warren Raymond The humanity of Muslims is legendary, Zuhdi. In Pakistan and Bangladesh they prove it daily. The Turks proved it with the Armenians and Iran does it every day with the Christians and the Bahai. Considering that unbelievers are the ‘vilest of beasts’ and sons of apes and swine and that in that ideology only Muslims are considered ‘human’ I prefer the injustice of eviction to legitimising the invasion. “Rohingya” is not a people, they have no history, no king, no coinage and no land, they are Bengali Muslims, nothing else. Their claim is based on fraud and deception. Nothing, except the law of allah entitles them to settle in Burma, and their ‘disenfranchisement’ is of their own making. It always is, because in Burma the Muslims are no different from anywhere else. They are illegal settlers in a land where they have committed many crimes. I have been to Burma, I have seen their mosques and I have seen no difference to what they do elsewhere. “Penetration of AQ, MB, JI, or Wahhabism or petro-radical Islamist movements” may not be as strong as elsewhere because they are being closely watched, but it is clearly there. There are many Arabs strutting their stuff, which means the petrodollar jihad is in full swing.
  • M Zuhdi Jasser Warren Raymond there is no rational way to respond to your blanketed deception and hate for all Muslims. Regardless of the truth or fiction of your stereotype, as a strategy it’s doomed to failure arguing for an endgame that attempts to convert all Muslims 1/4 of the world out of Islam. Your inhumane un-American generalizations about all Muslims includes me, my family and all our supporters and anti-Islamists…Muslims like the majority of Egyptians who threw out the MB. Your ideas are doomed to fail and stand against everything America stands for.
  • Warren Raymond A very stereotypical Muslim response, Zuhdi. Let nothing deter you from advancing the Islamic expansion program, or is it pogrom?
  • M Zuhdi Jasser Warren Raymond you just proved your fascism. Calling my work advancing a pogrom is the summit of disinformation. I’m done here.
  • Warren Raymond Projection is the first and last refuge of the scoundrel, Zuhdi. I don’t hate, I care. I care for my society, for my culture, for my civilisation and for my people. Not for the blood-cult of Islam, not for a culture of savagery, deception and destruction,  Islam has no redeeming features, all of it has to go. Advancing the Mohammedan agenda for the Bengal invaders against the Buddhists makes it clear which side you’re on. I don’t think you have any divided loyalties, you are simply playing for time. Jihad by demographics….

2 Responses

  1. If I were a betting man, I would put my money on Obama uttering the word Rohingya many times. He was a verbal participant in the notorious Arab Spring events and I believe he may become be a perceived catalyst for a new spring to arise in Burma. It is my contention that violence and death stalk his administration in everything they put their mind or hand to. I will be shocked and appropriately self-chastised should this not happen. Time will be my judge, but for now I shall be vigilant and listening to his every whisper.

  2. Obama has been hammering the Buddhists of Burma on behalf of the “Rohingya” even before he went on his first trip to Burma. His regime left no stone unturned and even threatened the Burmese to cut off all aid if they don’t legitimise the Mohammedan expansion project. Zuhdi Yasser pretends this is is not happening. In reality, you will not see one report in the lame stream media that exposes this ‘Rohingya’ fraud for what it is; and the OIC/UN/EUSSR cabal makes sure it remains this way.

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