Palestinian terrorism



And of course, the Left salivates at the thought.

But they never thought to have a day of rage against the brutal massacres, head choppings of men, women and children, the making of sex slaves out of Yazidi and Christian women and children by their co-religionists. Nope, it’s just Jews living in trailer on their (Jewish) ancient homeland, that drives them bonkers.

Palestinians call for ‘Day of Rage’ against Israel

Youth holds stone as Palestinians clash with IDF in the West Bank

Youth holds stone as Palestinians clash with IDF in the West Bank. (photo credit:REUTERS)

Palestinian groups once again called for a ”Day of Rage” against Israel in the West Bank, Gaza and Jerusalem on Friday and urged demonstrators to step up their protests.

The appeal came as Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas warned that failure to solve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict would increase the flames in the region.

Hamas and Islamic Jihad issued separate statements on Thursday calling on Palestinians to take to the streets following Friday prayers “in solidarity with al-Aksa Mosque.”

Hamas called on all Palestinians, especially youths, to “move to save the Aksa Mosque and defend Jerusalem against the Israeli siege imposed on the city.” Friday should be turned into a “special day in the history of the Palestinian struggle to preserve our rights in Jerusalem,” it said. The movement also called on Palestinians to clash with soldiers and settlers in Jerusalem and the West Bank.

The Islamic Jihad organization also urged Palestinians to take to the streets on Friday to voice solidarity with the Aksa Mosque.

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