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Sending Hez-nazis back into the stone age where their ideology belongs is a win win in my book.

Nasrallah that's all folks

Israel threatens to ‘plunge Lebanon back into the Stone Age’ If Hezbollah were to attack it; in reply to Nasrallah’s speech

04 NOVEMBER, 18:57

(ANSAmed) – TEL AVIV, NOVEMBER 4 – If Hezbollah were to attack Israel, the latter would ”plunge Lebanon back into the Stone Age”, said Transport Minister and high-ranking Likud official Israel Katz.

The remark was made as a response to a threatening speech made on Tuesday by Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah for the Shia holiday Ashura. Nasrallah said that his armed organization is able to strike targets anywhere in Israel and halt operations at the Tel Aviv airport and the country’s seaports. Minister Katz said that ”the cowardly, boastful Nasrallah should keep in mind that this option does not exist for him, since if it were to happen we would destroy Lebanon entirely.

The country would go back to the Stone Age, and he would be buried under the rubble.”

More here. h/t: Baron Bodissey

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  1. Israel will help them take their infrastructure with them. It has finally come to pass that no man nor country should tolerate the intolerable – islam. I pray for them to the G_d of Mercy, but in this temporal world, I’d rather see them given one last chance and then vaporized if they do not comply. Send them all back to sort out their issues amongst themselves rather than watch nations and their peoples continue to bleed out from 1,001 paper cuts. You cannot help those who do not want to be helped, but you must stand up for your nation and culture against the evil the world knows as islam.
    You must do that or die in the end.

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