Anti-Israel bigotry and bias France



Totalitarians attract.

Plus there’s that mothers-milk-spiked-with-anti-Semitism that lingers in the background. The French have lots of hurdles to jump before they can be considered as a true supporter of Western civilization. Especially so with their almost 10% Muslim population beating its chest in the streets.

NOTE: The European Left, especially in France, have never forgiven Israel for becoming a strong ally of the United States.

French Socialists push for recognition of Palestinian state

[Adam Walker Cleaveland/Flickr]

The ‘Separation Wall’ divides Israelis and Palestinians. The state of Palestine is officially recognised by 135 countries. [Adam Walker Cleaveland/Flickr]

The movement for the recognition of Palestine is gaining momentum in the wake of Sweden’s decision to officially recognise the state. Socalist legislators are preparing a resolution that would see France join 135 other countries in recognising the state of reports.

The Socialist group in the French Parliament is drawing up a resolution inviting “the French government to use the recognition of the Palestinian state as an instrument in working towards a final resolution to the conflict,” according to an early draftproposed by the President of the Foreign Affairs Committee, Elisabeth Guigou, on 4 November.

A French parliamentary source said “since the latest conflict, and in light of the current diplomatic stand-still, the parliamentary Socialists are looking for ways to get things moving”.

The non-binding proposal must first be adopted by the Socialist group before being put to a vote in Parliament. 17 French MPs from the left wing of the Socialist Party called for the recognition of the Palestinian state in an editorial published in La Liberation.

European momentum

Our source said that “parliamentary initiative is on the rise” after the Swedish government’s decision to recognise the state of Palestine, and the adoption of a similar proposal in the UK Parliament on 14 October.

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