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Berlin: UK threatening foundation of EU

Is it a storm in a teacup or a real problem? Britain is struggling with the question of immigration from other EU states. A media report over alleged comments by Chancellor Merkel has heated up the debate.

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In Britain, the debate over a possible exit from the European Union, mixed with questions about immigration, is becoming heated. The Guardian said on Monday (03.11.2014) that comments supposedly made by German Chancellor Angela Merkel about Britain’s possible exit from the EU have sparked great interest among the paper’s readers.

Reports emerged on Sunday that Merkel was prepared to accept a UK exit should the government decide to restrict the immigration of European citizens. The story broke in Britain after Germany’s Der Spiegel reported that members of the German government assumed that the UK would have to leave the EU if it infringed on the bloc’s guaranteed freedom of movement. Der Spiegel’s report cited anonymous government sources who claimed to have heard what was said between Merkel and British Prime Minister David Cameron during the last EU summit.

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