Gaza Hamas War Crimes



In other words, a war crimes rocket.

Rocket launched from Gaza lands in Israel, army confirms

gaza rocket

A rocket launched from Gaza on Friday landed in the Eshkol Regional Council in southern Israel, the army said.

The IDF had detected a projectile heading toward Israeli territory – the second such incident since Israel and Hamas reached a deal on August 26 to halt seven weeks of fighting. The cease-fire has largely been holding.

It was not immediately clear whether the rocket landed in Israel or within Gaza, as no sirens were heard in Gaza frontier communities.

Earlier this month, code red alerts sent tremors across the Gaza border, as residents in southern Israel fled to shelters for cover, a scene reminiscent of the 50-day war that dominated the summer.

The sirens turned out to be false alarms, likely triggered by rocket launching tests within the Hamas-controlled coastal enclave.

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