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Keep up the momentum.

Actually the fight needs to be against Islam itself, not only against those who carry out its 7th century totalitarian, violent and intolerant dictates to the letter.


Anti radical-Islam protesters have been accused of having “misused the freedom of assembly” by gathering in Cologne over the weekend, and authorities are calling for further meetings to be banned in anticipation of plans to hold a further rally in Berlin.

An estimated 4,800 marched on Sunday in reaction to the recent sectarian violence witnessed on the streets of Germany, as Iraqi migrants from the Salafist Muslim and Kurdish communities clashed over grievances brought with them from the near-east. Despite the violence of the earlier riots by the Iraqi groups, the focus of the German government appears to be on only banning marches by the anti-Salafist or ‘Salafismus’ groups, which has angered some.

Rechtsanwalt Dubravko Mandic, German lawyer, chairman of the court of Eurosceptic party Alternative für Deutschland (Alternative for Germany, AfD), and member of Junge Alternative told Breitbart London: “The phenomenon called “Salafismus” brings together otherwise sworn enemies drawn from various soccer fan clubs. Native Germans march side by side with immigrants in the presence of a serious enemy. Thus, our government and the system parties seem to know only one enemy: the german sense of nationality.

“I am not surprised that it is the ‘hooligan’ and nationalist scene in Germany which now opposes Salafists and feels the need to show strength, when at the same moment the police and government have no answers to the growing menace from radical muslims. We, the alternative youth, are not against Islam, but we are convinced that dealing with the threats from radical islam requires politicians with patriotic attitudes. The government has no such politicians and that is why our party is the future of the this country”.

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