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Doris Wise Montrose via Steven Plaut:

October 24 at 6:17pm ·

Steven Plaut: Back when the KACH party of Meir Kahane sat in the Knesset, the Israeli political establishment passed a special law outlawing the party while declaring it a racist and terrorist organization, whose members are NOT entitled to freedom of speech. They did this because they disliked the style and contents of what Kahane spoke. When the BALAD Party of Arab fascists sits in the Knesset and its Haneen Zoabi says that Israeli soldiers are mass murderers, terrorists, Nazis, and worse than ISIS terrorists, and when she praises Islamofascist terrorist atrocities against Jews, this is protected speech.
Is that clear now?

Survey: 85% of Jewish Public Says to Oust Zoabi

The majority of the Israeli public thinks that MK Hanin Zoabi (Balad) should be ousted from the Knesset following her statements comparing the IDF to the “Islamic State”, according to a survey published this past Tuesday by the newspaper Yisrael Hayom.

The survey shows that though 85% are in agreement with this position, 11% say that Zoabi’s comments fall under her right to “freedom of expression“.

More here.

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