Their (IS) support in Jordan is undeniable.

Not that their sermons were fundamentally un-Islamic, just that it challenges the Hashmite kingdom of Jordan.

Screenshot from the video of Islamic State followers blocking a Jordanian security detail motorcade. (YouTube)

Four imams banned for pro-Islamic State Friday sermons

by Taylor Luck | Oct 22, 2014 | 23:27

AMMAN — The Awqaf Ministry has banned four clerics for encouraging citizens to support the Islamic State (IS) terrorist group during Friday sermons earlier this month, the minister, Hayel Dawood, said Wednesday.

Eyewitnesses say the four imams urged citizens to “come to the aid” of IS, in direct violation of the Preaching and Guidance Law, which forbids speech of political, sectarian and extremist nature in Friday sermons. 

The four clerics, who were not ministry employees but had received prior authorisation from awqaf officials to preach in under-staffed mosques, face a lifetime ban from delivering sermons in Jordan under a ministry decision. 

“The minbar [pulpit] is a sacred right and privilege, and we will not tolerate its use for political agendas, inciting violence, and particularly the support of extremist groups,” Dawood told The Jordan Times.

According to judicial sources, authorities are set to refer the four men to the State Security Court for violation of the Anti-Terrorism Law, which criminalises the promotion of extremist ideology and speech encouraging others to join terrorist groups. 

Meanwhile, authorities have arrested seven men in Irbid, 80km north of Amman, for the possession of IS flags.

More here. h/t: Fjordman

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  1. The Imams should be sentenced to ten years to look after pigs!

  2. Hide the pigs! Jordan Times itself is a paranoid paper displaying lots of negative or biased propaganda regarding Israel and Western expats (surprise!)…once so-called extremists in Jordan might be too demanding, they will be stopped by their government though the government itself is extreme in their views for anybody who bears common sense.

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