ISLAM IN CANADA Jihad Western Appeasement



Wrong choice of strategy.

This was discussed by a caller to CFRA a day before the jihadi attacked and killed the soldier guarding the National War Memorial.

NOTE: Not only should soldiers continue to wear their uniforms, they should be armed as well.

Atlantic commander to Canadian soldiers: Avoid wearing uniform in public

A top military official Tuesday warned soldiers in Canada’s eastern provinces to avoid wearing their uniforms in public out of fear of being targeted in the wake of deadly attacks on personnel in Quebec and Ontario.

In an email titled “urgent measures,” Rear Admiral John Newton – who commands the Maritime Forces Atlantic and Joint Task Force Atlantic, a combined 23,000 personnel – tells soldiers “to restrict movement in uniform in public as much as possible.”

The note also asks personnel to stay in their respective buildings for the time being and to get the message out quickly, according to the Halifax Herald News.

The email was sent out about an hour after a series of reported shootings in Ottawa.

More here.

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  1. The dihimi attitude of the subjugated ones in full flower. The islamist’s got their wish whilst we in the West cower in fear of offending them. One more crack in the armor of our civilization appears. Each and every time we kowtow to their ill behavior, we get the opposite of what we want. It emboldens, encourages, and invites similar, or worse, attacks on our citizens and our culture.

  2. In an asymmetric war it actually makes sense that off-duty soldiers not be targets, just as the redcoats of Britain eventually decided that wearing bright red wasn’t such a good idea.

    1. Dallas, what’s in question here is not being identifiable …domestically. It’s a stab in the heart of the nation

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