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An instigator.

Being an Islam 101 sharia lover, she automatically hates music, especially western music, so she wan’t there to enjoy anything, but to provoke. Thankfully the Islamo-provocation was met with the law.

h/t: Cecilie Gamst Berg

Paris opera ejects woman in Muslim veil after cast refuses to sing

Published time: October 20, 2014 06:23
Reuters / Fahad Shadeed / Files

Reuters / Fahad Shadeed /

A woman in niqab, a traditional Muslim veil, was asked to leave the opera in Paris after the cast said they wouldn’t perform if a solution wasn’t found. She had to leave the auditorium, because wearing a veil covering the whole face is banned in France.

The incident happened during the performance of La Traviata at Opera Bastille in Paris on October 3, Jean-Philippe Thiellay the opera house’s deputy director, told AFP.

The fuss blew on Sunday, October 19, in French media.

The woman and her companion, tourists from one of the Gulf States, were sitting just behind the conductor and were visible to monitors. Their seats were reportedly the most expensive in the opera, costing 231 euros ($294) each.

The woman was wearing a niqab, a veil that covers her face and hair. It only leaves the eyes and part of the forehead visible.

More here.

From the comments of another article of the same incident:

So France is kicking veiled women out of the opera. What’s France doing about the hundreds of no-go zones where immigrant Muslims have taken over entire small towns all over France, where Sharia Law reigns and French police are not allowed, or non-Muslims. They are creating countries within France, and France keeps welcoming more and more in.

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