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The HS article is by none other than, ”rocket girl”, Aishi Zidan, who the Tundra Tabloids brought immediate international fame for her ‘slip up’ at the Gaza Strip Shifa Hospital during Operation Protective edge, where she admitted that rockets were being launched from a lot directly behind it.

NOTE: The Kurds are a mixed batch, they have their fair share of hardcore sharia supporters.

Isis’ attack squeezes relations between Finland’s Muslims

DOMESTIC 10/18/2014 5:03
Aishi Zidan

Kurdien protesti Helsingin Narinkkatorilla kello 13.00 Narinkkatorilla kokoontuneet kurdimielenosoittajat toivovat, että Isisiä vastaan taisteleville Syyrian kurdeille lähetettäisiin sotilaallista ja humanitaarista apua. Kurdien toiveena on myös, että Suomi yrittäisi voimakkaammin estää nuorten rekrytoinnin taistelijoiksi Syyriaan.
Kurdish protest at Narinkkatori 13.00 Narinkkatori Kurdish protesters gathered in hope that Syrian Kurds fighting against Isis would be sent to military and humanitarian aid. Also among the Kurds’ hope is that Finland would try stronger prevention of the recruitment of young fighters to Syria.

Already the three-year-long civil war in Syria in recent weeks has heated emotions in Finland. In particular, the scope of the Kurdish community, many say that the situation has squeezed relations between Finland’s Muslims.

The war has affected in recent weeks, particularly against the Kurds, as the terrorist organization of Isis tries to take over the Kurdish majority in the city of Kobani Syria. The discussion has also attracted a police investigation, in which four Finnish men are suspected of terrorism-related crimes.

Finnish Kurds demonstrated on Friday in Helsinki city center to protest, to draw attention to Kobani situation.

The Kurds hoped that Finland would take more action, so that young people would not recruited to fight in Syria. Some would like to take citizenship from those who are condemned for terrorism.

“Take passports away from those who leave. They will be a threat to Finland,” said the Shawnam Eliassi who arrived to the demonstration in Turku .

Kurdish Active Welat Nehrin believes that the situation in Syria has squeezed the relations between Finland’s Muslims. Emotions have been running high on social networks. This was also the view of many others who participated in the protest.

According to Nehrin, the Kurds feel that not all the Muslim groups have condemned the jihadists fighting in Syria enough. “Silence aggravates the situation. It is a serious problem if the situation continues to escalate.”


Mielenosoitus Pasilan poliisitalolla terroriepäiltyjen puolesta kello 16.00 Muutamat kymmenet muslimit osoittivat mieltään neljän terrorismiin liittyvistä rikoksista epäiltyjen puolesta. Mielenosoittajat uskovat, että epäillyt ovat syyttömiä.

Demonstration at Pasila police precinct on behalf of terror suspects at 16.00 Some of the dozens of Muslims demonstrated on behalf of the four suspects in a terrorism-related criminal investigation.  The protesters believe that the suspects are innocent.


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  1. If you watch the francophone network of RADIO CANADA, there are many problems, there are pro-slamists and pro islamic state. I couldnt believe it, Marie-eve Bedard was smiling while the Kurdish population was fleeing Kobani under IS attacks. I have observed them enough, there are problems with RADIO CANADA. They also always present the Kurds as loosers. They have a pro-sunni arab policy, they re unsound. Im European and I discover islamism is very strong in North america : in the NDP Canada, in the Canadian liberal party, in the arabists democrats of the department of state and in the pro-saoudi pro-turikish US republicans who didnt get the region is changing. We will fight against fundamentalism. The city of MOntreal is rotten by fundamentalist networks now. Look the financial group they created, they called it ”I SEE”, people here are so rotten, unsound for them islamic state is cool and fashion. MOntreal is a rotten place : avoid coming here.

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