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Danish Nazis killed 1,400 Jews in WWII: new book

Danish Nazis killed 1,400 Jews in WWII: new book

Members of Free Corps Denmark actively took part in the killing of Jews, a new book reveals. Photo: Weill/WikiCommons

Published: 15 Oct 2014 14:31 GMT+02:00

A newly-released book alleges that Danish Nazis actively participated in the murder of 1,400 Jews at a prison camp in Belarus during World War II.

Now two Danes may face an investigation of their 70-year-old crimes.

The Danish People’s Party (DF) wants to see police investigate the claims in the new book, En skole i vold (A school of violence), and if necessary to prosecute the two living Danes who remain from the 800-man corps of Danish Nazis known as Free Corps Denmark (Frikorps Danmark).

“This isn’t about putting an old man in prison but rather about clearing up what happened back then. I think there should be a case against him, so I will make a request to the justice minister,” DF’s Peter Skaarup told DR, referring specifically to one of the surviving Danes, an 89-year-old man who has spoken about his time with Frikorps Danmark.

The other surviving Danish Nazi has not spoken publicly about what happened in Belarus.

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