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Multiculturalism is for thee not for we.

Outside of the fact that Putin was supposedly allowed to purchase land in the Finnish island archipelago of Åland, the fact remains is that permission to purchase land there, has to be obtained by the non-native. Which brings me to the fact that Swedish speaking Finns, which number around 265 000, are among the loudest voices in support of multiculturalism in Finland.

But here’s the kicker, the majority Swedish speaking enclave of Åland, are very, very protective of their cultural heritage, and do not allow just anyone to set up camp on their autonomous shores (Putin somehow gained their favor). You will not see beggars from Romania camped outside of store fronts asking for change, nor women in hijabs on their way to the mosque in the capital of Mariehamn (there are none).

So here you see the gross hypocrisy of the Finnish Left, it’s ok to park Muslims and other migrants on the mainland, but do not even attempt to enforce similar policies on the autonomous Swedish speakers of Åland. Nope, multiculturalism ends at the shores of the Finnish mainland, at least, thus sayeth the Swedish speaking vanguards of Finnish multiculturalism.

Purchasing land in Åland Finland: However, foreigners are restricted from acquiring property in the Åland (Ahvenanmaa) archipelago, an autonomous, Swedish-speaking region of Finland. Foreigners need to obtain permission from the Finns to purchase property in Åland.

Vladimir Putin’s secret ‘Swedish’ beach plot

Vladimir Putin's secret 'Swedish' beach plot

Vladimir Putin in Crimea. Photo: TT

Published: 14 Oct 2014 16:34 GMT+02:00

The news emerged in a speech to Finnish war veterans, by the former Director General of Finland’s National Land Survey (NLS) Jarmo Ratia.

He told an audience on Monday that the Russian President had access to a 17,800-square-metre plot in the picturesque Åland Islands, in an area known as Saltvik.

It is not known whether Vladimir Putin has been to visit the peaceful archipelago in the Baltic Sea, which belongs to Finland but is a Swedish-speaking region.

But Ratia confirmed that the region had had several “celebrity” visitors.

He said that he had received a letter and a map from the Kremlin back in 2009, ordering the NLS to register the land as belonging to the Russian Federation.

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