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The horror of it all.

Like Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), whether or not the tradition/societal practice of stealing the bride pre-dates Islam in Kazakhastan, Islam as an ideology itself, incorporates every known anti-human attribute, either codifying it into Islamic law or becoming a part of a local indigenous tradition.

NOTE: remember folks, the Left insists, no it demands, that we believe that ”all cultures are equal”.

H/T: Jamie Glazov, (via Swim Bettywho asks,

Heartbreaking. Where are the West’s leftist feminists?

What Was Captured On Video In Kazakhstan Is BEYOND Disturbing, But Happens Often

An extremely disturbing video that has surfaced online shows a common occurrence in the Muslim nation of Kazakhstan as a woman is dragged into a home and forced to marry a man inside.

The chilling footage, titled “Stealing the Bride,” reportedly shows a terrified young woman being kidnapped by a group of people from her home, then being forced to marry someone against her own will.

According to the New York Post, everything about the scene would appear as if it was a traditional marriage, complete with confetti and music in the background. The only problem is that the bride to be has absolutely zero desire to marry her future husband.

Central European News reports that bride kidnapping is still a widespread practice in Kazakhstan, with over 60 percent of adults and 74 percent of teens having either been victims or known someone who was a victim of the cruel act.

How do people get away with such inhumane actions?

“Often the families of the victims agree because the groom pays them a lot of money,” local women’s rights activist, Anfisa Zuyeva, told the Post. “But it is an outdated and horrific tradition which has no place in modern Kazakhstan.”

More here at Mad World.

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