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That should really make the average Londoner and Brit citizen really uneasy.

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Security services monitoring ‘thousands’ of terrorism suspects in London, says Boris Johnson

Mayor of London discloses that threat from Isil and other terrorist groups is larger than previously known

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Boris Johnson says ‘thousands’ of terrorism suspects are being monitored in London Photo: Oli Scarff/Getty Images

The security services are monitoring “thousands” of terrorist suspects in London, Boris Johnson has disclosed, suggesting the threat from Islamist extremists may be far greater than has previously been admitted.

Until now, it was thought that the main danger came from around 500 jihadis who have travelled to Syria and Iraq from the UK to join Isil or al-Qaeda fighters, around half of whom have returned to Britain.

But the Mayor of London suggested the threat from home-grown terrorist plots was far more widespread than the relatively small numbers of extremists who have gone abroad to fight.

In an interview with The Daily Telegraph, he said: “In London we’re very very vigilant and very very concerned. Every day – as you saw recently, we had to raise the threat level – every day the security services are involved in thousands of operations.

“There are probably in the low thousands of people that we are monitoring in London.”

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  1. Boris is a very bright lad!
    The making of such a statement is almost certainly based on acquired evidence!
    The easiest measure is ,to export all Muslims unless they sign a document of apostasy .
    Imaginary Allah and mendacious Mo should be the subject of children’s education!

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