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Left and Greens want to recognise Palestine

The SDP, the Left Alliance and the Green League all want Finland to recognise Palestinian statehood. The parties’ parliamentary group chairs staked out their position in a panel discussion held at parliament. The other five parliamentary parties, on the other hand, have not yet said they’d support recognising Palestine as a state.

Helsingissä osoitettiin mieltä Israelin sotatoimia vastaan lauantaina.
A demonstration in Helsinki in August against Israel’s recent military action in Gaza. Image: Yle

Three of the eight major parliamentary parties in Finland want to recognise Palestine as an independent state. The Green League, the Social Democrats and the Left Alliance all want to follow the Swedish government’s lead in recognising the Palestinian Authority as a state.

The SDP’s group leader Jouni Backman was positive about recognition, saying it could have had a positive effect on the crisis in the region, had it happened sooner.

Their views came to the fore during a panel discussion held at parliament as part of a training event for journalists.

The national Coalition Party, though, continues to support President Sauli Niinistö’s line that a two-state solution is the answer, but recognition of Palestine at this point is not.

Earlier this week the Swedish government announced it would recognise Palestinian statehood, prompting Finland to clarify its own position.

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