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Sweden is a petri dish of what ails the world.

My old buddy Ilya Meyer just had an excellent piece published by The Times of Israel, about the new Swedish meatball government, and it’s attack on Israel straight out of its opening session of parliament.



Sweden: the new Donald Duck government

ILYA MEYER October 6, 2014, 1:14 pm 3

BLOGGER Ilya Meyer

Sweden has had a new government for a week now.

So far the only public statement the new government has made has been its intention to recognise the fictitious State of Palestine. But not the very real (and beleaguered) State of Kurdistan.

Here are a few reflections on this new government, and what drives it:

It is a Leftist government, a coalition of Social Democrats and Sweden’s hard-line Green Party.

The Green Party in Sweden is not like the Greens elsewhere in the real world. Here the Greens are not terribly concerned about the environment. Party leader and Environment Minister Åsa Romson paints her houseboat with a poisonous substance that is expressly banned by the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency for its toxic properties, fending off criticism on the grounds that her boat is “too large” to be pro-environmentally washed clean instead of coated with poison too keep barnacles at bay. She heats this houseboat – which is moored in the heart of central Stockholm’s low-emission zone – with emission-spewing diesel. In Sweden, the Green Party is concerned less with the environment and more with bucking the system. What system, you might ask? Answer: any system, just so long as there’s a system. Long live the revolution – any revolution. The Greens are simply here to be different. They are, with a vengeance.

Another Green Party minister – Minister for Culture, no less – is Alice Bah Kuhnke. She is known, not least, for baring her breasts in the media, and for threatening to cut off funding to organisations that work against honour killings if any of the funding goes to men/boys working against this crime. She demanded that funding only be given to women, thus effectively barring male members of immigrant communities from daring to take a stance against this horrific crime. Interestingly, she joined the Green Party just last week, AFTER being nominated for a ministerial post on behalf of the Green Party…

Another Green Party government minister is Mehmet Kaplan, an ardent Islamist whose mission in public life is to “end the occupation of Jerusalem”. One might be tempted to ask if he is referring to Muslim occupation of the area overlooking Judaism’s holy Western Wall, from which boulders are routinely hurled by Muslims down onto Jews praying below. But he is of course referring to a “Jewish occupation” of Judaism’s holy sites in the Jewish capital of the Jewish state of Israel. Mehmet Kaplan is the new Housing and City Development Minister. Quite comical really – a Swedish Settlement Minister opposing what he regards as settlements in Israel… Mehmet Kaplan applauds young Western jihadists who travel to IS(IS)-controlled territory in Syria and Iraq for beheading tourism and says they are no different to other patriots fighting against invaders, such as the Finnish patriots who once struggled against the invading Soviet empire. No, really. And he is a key minister in the new Swedish government.

Yet another Green Party government minister is Gustav Fridolin, Minister for Education. He is familiar to the Israeli scene for having been deported from Israel following his arrest for violent behaviour as part of his support for extremist militant terror organisation ISM, whose purpose is to undermine the sovereignty of Israel through military and other means.

One might be tempted to laugh, but the new Swedish Minister for the Interior is Ardalan Shekarabi (Social Democratic party). He is a former illegal immigrant who defied a deportation order by living underground until a new government granted him amnesty. He has been found to have embezzled funds from the Social Democratic Party’s youth organisation to further his personal election campaign and was accordingly kicked out of the youth organisation. This year the Swedish Tax Office accused him of cheating on his income-tax returns and has ordered him to pay what he owes to help fund the public community that he has now been appointed as a Government Minister to serve…

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