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Israel should kick out the Swedes from their Tel Aviv embassy.

From now on, the Marxist led Swedish government will be referred to here, as the radical Marxist regime.

Sweden to recognize state of Palestine

Sweden to recognize state of Palestine

An explosion in Gaza in 2014. Photo: TT

Published: 03 Oct 2014 15:25 GMT+02:00

Sweden is set to become the first major European nation to officially recognize Palestine as a state.

The country’s incoming Prime Minister Stefan Löfven made the announcement on Friday as he revealed his new centre-left cabinet.

The U.N. General Assembly approved the recognition Palestine as a sovereign state in 2012 but the European Union and most EU countries have yet to give official recognition.

The EU countries that do refer to Palestine as a separate state, such as Hungary, Poland and Slovakia have been doing so since before they joined the 28-member bloc.

“The conflict between Israel and Palestine can only be solved with a two-state solution, negotiated in accordance with international law,” said Löfven during his inaugural speech in parliament.

“A two-state solution requires mutual recognition and a will to peaceful co-existence. Sweden will therefore recognize the state of Palestine,” he added.

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