Anjem Choudary Islam in the UK



On a sadder note, An-Clam Chowder has been released from custody.

anjem choudary

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  1. Anjem does not indulge in taqqiya he gives us the true face of Islam!
    A real portrait of metaphorical shit!

  2. al-Muhajiroun (Arabic: The Emigrants). . .so all the refugees ‘asylum seekers’ to the EU are practicing the hijrah . . .aka INVASION – as their prophet did from Mecca to Medina?
    These ‘asylum seekers’ believe their prophet to demonstrated (uswa hasana) the best of moral conduct be ‘the perfect man’ (al-insan al-kamil) for all time.
    Folks residing in the EU better wake up and read/study/comprehend the events following Muhammed’s journey and the behavior to anticipate from these ‘asylum seekers’ once their chutzpah and numbers grow to a sufficient number to further emulate the wholesale slaughter, rape and plunder of Europeans, European culture/society/dignity.

  3. Choudary was raised in Britain, unlike millions of Muslims Worldwide. As a former drinker, womaniser and pot-smoker he has experienced freedom unlike his Middle East cousins who have been taught nothing but the Q’uran.
    Therefore Choudary has no excuse.
    The man should be hunted down and shot on sight as a lesson to all ‘jihadasites’ that what they say and do has consequences!

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