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Jewish Worshippers Ambushed by Arabs in Vicious Jerusalem Attack

Victim of Arab attack over Rosh Hashanah says police nowhere to be found, claims victims of terror no longer able to defend themselves.

By Ari Soffer  First Publish: 9/29/2014, 4:56 PM

Arab rioters

Arab rioters
Flash 90

A group of Jews were subjected to a vicious assault in broad daylight after being ambushed by an Arab gang on Rosh Hashanah, in the latest of a spate of violent anti-Semitic incidents in Jerusalem.

Chanan Kupietzky, a 26-year-old counselor at the Old City’s Hakotel yeshiva, was walking with his 16-year-old brother and a friend on the way back from the ancient Shiloach Pool in the City of David where they had taken part in the tashlich ritual, in which Jews symbolically cast their sins into a body of running water as a gesture of repentance.

The site, which dates back to the Byzantine era, is usually frequented by Jewish worshippers during Rosh Hashanah, and the route through the predominantly Arab neighborhood of Shiloach (also known as Silwan) is supposed to be secured by police in order to prevent any violence against Jewish pilgrims. But as the trio made their way back from the site on Friday Chanan said they noticed that instead of fanning out and securing the route, police were nowhere to be found.

“They were all at the bottom of the hill, nowhere else,” he claimed.

Local Arab youths took advantage of the lack of police presence almost immediately to carry out what appears to have been a pre-planned ambush.

Chanan recounted how an Arab horseman began intimidating a group of Jewish families walking near to his group, including young children, by charging them repeatedly with his horse. Then, two Arab youths began pelting the families with rocks and bottles, eventually forcing them to turn back.

“They just couldn’t continue on because they had baby carriages and were obviously afraid for their children,” he recalled. “Suddenly, we realized our group was totally isolated.”

Another group of Arab youths standing on a balcony then began hurling insults at the trio, who picked up the pace in an attempt to get back to the Kotel (Western Wall).

But they didn’t get far before the incident suddenly turned violent.

“They signaled to some guy in a local shop to do something… he was a very big guy. We continued on our way but the man then started walking towards us, and as we got closer he kicked my brother very hard in the back of his leg.

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