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‘Three Iraqis held’ in Swiss IS terror probe

The Swiss Federal Prosecutor’s Office is investigating some 20 cases involving radical jihadist terrorism, including four cases connected to Syria, a spokeswoman for the office told the Swiss News Agency.

The office was responding to an NZZ am Sonntag newspaper report that three Iraqi nationals had been in detention “since the spring” under suspicion of membership and support of an illegal organisation.

“At least three Iraqi nationals are suspected of founding a cell of the terrorist organization Islamic State (IS) and using it to provide financial and logistical support to IS,” the paper wrote.

The prosecutor’s office declined to give more details about the 20 cases on the grounds of official confidentiality, confirming only that the state’s prosecution authorities were investigating people who had travelled from Switzerland to conflict zones to take part in a ‘Holy War’.

“According to the information available to date, people who travelled to a conflict zone were assigned to radical groups, after their individual skills and fighting potential were evaluated,” Balmer said.

In June the Swiss cabinet quoted figures from the Federal Intelligence Service claiming that around 40 people have left Switzerland to join the Jihadist movement in Syria. They face criminal prosecution if they return.

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