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Bull crap, either the reject Mohamed or they are for violence.

Ok, sounds great doesn’t it? But what was really rallied against, islam 101? or just hosts of ambiguous statements issued that ”Islam is a religion of peace”, while failing to mention that the koran, hadiths and sunna of Mohamed are chock full of intolerance (and anti-Semitism) and violence against ‘the other’?

They can have these ”anti-violence demos” all day long until the cows come home, but until they’re willing to fess up to the actual reality of Islam, they can’t be taken seriously, not by me, nor by anyone who knows better.

German Muslims rally against extremism

German Muslims rally against extremism

Muslims pray in Kreuzberg, Berlin, on Friday outside a mosque which was damaged in an arson attack. Photo: DPA

Published: 19 Sep 2014 16:19 GMT+02:00

Imams at more than 2,000 mosques took part in the event organised by Germany’s four main Muslim groups, with government ministers, lawmakers and city mayors joining in.

Vigils and peace rallies were held after traditional Friday noon prayers in a number of German cities including Berlin, Hamburg, Mölln, Bielefeld, Oldenburg, Frankfurt am Main and Stuttgart.

In Berlin around 1,000 Muslims took part in a public prayer on the street outside the Mevlana mosque in Kreuzberg which was damaged in an arson attack in August.

“We must stand united as a society when there are hate crimes, whether against churches, mosques, synagogues or other places of worship,” said Ali Kizilkaya, spokesman of the Coordination Council of Muslims.

Aiman Mazyek, chairman of the Central Council of Muslims, said Germany’s Muslims wanted to take a clear stand against Islamic State (IS) group fighting in Iraq and Syria, and other jihadist movements.

“These are terrorists and murderers who drag Islam into the dirt and bring hatred and suffering to the people, including to their own fellow Muslims, in Syria, in Iraq and elsewhere,” he wrote in the top-selling Bild newspaper.

“We want to make clear that the majority of Muslims in this country and around the world think and act differently. Islam is a peaceful religion.”

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