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If you’re ignorant on Islam, you’ll fall for this like a ton of bricks, because you really want to believe that the intolerant and violent, tyrannical/supremacist belief system of over 1.2 billion Muslims doesn’t really want to subjugate, or kill you.

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I just can’t take this seriously in the way it’s intended. publicly denouncing violence is one thing, being exact in relaying where it stems from (the koran, hadiths and sunna of Mohamed) is another altogether. Ambiguous statments deploring this and that violent act, as if the perpetrator is ”acting outside Islamic norms”, is highly disingenuous and speaks more of their trying to save face and promote a false image, than any real true feelings of revulsion.

Muslim community unites against jihadists

Muslim community unites against jihadists

Photo: APA  Published: 19 Sep 2014 13:29 GMT+02:00

Condemning the Isis terrorism in the Middle East in the strongest terms, Chairman of the Islamic community in Salzburg, Ahmet Yilmaz, spoke of his concerns about the brainwashing of young Muslims through internet propaganda videos.

“The Isis-terrorists pretend they are fighting for justice, in the name of Allah,” said Yilmaz.

“Young people who are in search of an identity and trying to find meaning in their lives fall into these jihadist groups very quickly,” he added.

“There they have the opportunity to put their hatred and frustration for the society in which they live into action.”

The mother of one of the two men fears her son has been recruited by terrorists to fight in the war torn country.

The 25 year-old from the Alpine village of Mittersill, who had recently converted to Islam, had most likely watched such propaganda videos.

Yilmaz is very clear the atrocities committed by the Isis have absolutely nothing to do with Islam and is warning young people not to fall for their “empty promises”.

“It bothers us Muslims very much that we are exposed to this pressure of having to justify ourselves,” said Yilmaz. “People are very quick to make generalizations. The religion – as with most religions- teaches morals, charity and support for others, not murder.”

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