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What a load of hooey, a clue bat for TOI  blogger Karkea:

jordanian politician isis is islam

Andrew Bostom: ISIL’s Ottoman “Caliphate” Forbears Brutally Slaughtered 250,000 Assyrian-Chaldean, and Orthodox Christians A Century Ago

Andy Bostom: Almost a hundred years ago:

The degree of extermination and the brutality of the massacres indicate extreme pent-up hatred on the popular level. Christians, the so-called gawur [also giaour or ghiaour] infidels, were killed in almost all sorts of situations.
They were collected at the local town hall, walking in the streets, fleeing on the roads, at harvest, in the villages, in the caves and tunnels, in the caravanserais [an inn with a central courtyard], in the prisons, under torture, on the river rafts, on road repair gangs, on the way to be put on trial. There was no specific and technological way of carrying out the murders like the Nazis’ extermination camps. A common feature was those killed were unarmed, tied up, or otherwise defenseless.
All possible methods of killing were used: shooting, stabbing, stoning, crushing, throat cutting, throwing off of roofs, drowning, decapitation. Witnesses talk of seeing collections of ears and noses and of brigands boasting of their collections of female body parts. The perpetrators not only killed but humiliated the victims…In several instances, decapitated heads of well-known Christians, such as Hanne Safar of Midyat and Ibrahim the Syriac priest of Sa’irt were used as footballs…In Derike, the Syriac Catholic priest Ibrahim Qrom had his beard torn off and was then forced to crawl on all fours with a tormentor on his back, while others kicked him, stabbed him, and finally cut him to pieces.

Karkera should stick to subjects that he knows something about, and not indulge himself in pandering to Islam with feel good ‘knee-jerk’ blatherings for whatever his reasoning is. This is not only a ahistorical reading of Islam, it’s highly disingenuous nonsense meant to curry favor from those who couldn’t care less about coexistence with the infidel.

ISIS is not Muslim

September 17, 2014, 

The world is very fond of stereotyping. It’s almost the greatest pass time for most people after sports and reality TV.

Whether it’s stereotyping Jews to be greedy and self-serving, or Americans to be fat and stupid, or even Indians to be poor and dirty – we’ve all stereotyped and been stereotyped by one another.

But what troubles me most is the rapid, and indeed hostile, label of terrorism that is being forcibly attached to Muslims everywhere since the horrific rise of ISIS.

British Prime Minister David Cameron, sensing his country’s outrage at Muslims instead of ISIS had this to say after the tragic beheading of David Haines:

They claim to do this in the name of Islam. That is nonsense. Islam is a religion of peace. They are not Muslims, they are monsters.

I guarantee that most, if not all, of you reading this will vehemently disagree with Cameron’s statement. I hope to change that conception.

Read more:  And make sure that you have a bag or bucket nearby for emptying your belly.

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