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However, in the following article devoted entirely to the actual music played at the event, the Helsingin Sanomat journalist stoops to innuendo, noticing that the concert hall was not packed to overflowing, he suggests that it’s possibly due to a boycott, and that the concert goers were reluctant to speak with him (for whatever the reason).

Mehta and the Israel Philharmonic preformed with a big heart

zubin mehta in tampere

CULTURE 09.17.2014 22:48

Tampere didn’t hear exact work, (TT: not the best quality, or precise) but warmth and a gripping atmosphere was there in full measure.

Tampere, Finland. The audience thanked the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra in standing ovations and experienced no incidents in a rare visit to Tampere Hall on Wednesday night.

Unlike in New York or in London, the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra was not considered in Tampere, as a symbol of protest and concern of the occupation in the West Bank.

However, surprisingly, the hall was not quite sold out. Could it be that a few music lovers also boycotted the controversial orchestra?

To those coming to the concert, it was a pleasant affair, even if initially a little hesitant to speak.

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