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Because Sweden is a tyranny dressed in false humanitarian, liberal clothes.

In Sweden they jail artists

In Sweden they jail artists
This is the prison where artist Dan Park is locked up.

YSTAD. Dan Park is incarcerated in a women’s prison in Skåne. He was locked up two months ago and there are another two months to go before he is let out.

– It’s no fun but I a cope. They won’t break me. I will never let the system defeat me and I regret nothing, says Dan Park to Dispatch International.

The autumn sun lights up the industrial area of Öja on the north-eastern periphery of Ystad. Among factories and open areas lies the correctional facility, which is now a prison for women but with a ward for men. Here we find public enemy number one.

Whereas people who rob, commit violence and rape are let off lightly by the Swedish judicial system – and don’t have to be incarcerated awaiting trial – Dan Park, the man who makes pictures has been locked up for three months this year. He is so dangerous to Sweden that the criminal court in Malmö has decided that he must remain in jail while his case is being adjudicated. That is the way the system usually treats people who have committed serious violent crimes.

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