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The fact that Muslims comprise the greatest number of those targeted by the jihadis, is used as supposed proof by the ignorant that ”it’s not really Islam that’s the problem, but heretical misfits carrying out their private interpretation of Islam”. That understanding couldn’t be any more further from the truth.

Even if the majority of Muslims overlook (passive rejection of) large portions of the koran that has de facto abrogated most, if not all, of the more tolerant passages of that book, it does nothing in the way of delegitimizing these latter violent, intolerant passages, not in the least. So the issue of good Muslim/bad Muslim is entirely irrelevant, as long as there is Islam, for Islam is just…. Islam. It’s difficult for Westerners to digest, but there are the facts.

In order to fight global jihad, the free world must free itself from the false consciousness. This is the same consciousness led by Obama when he ordered the removal of the phrase “Muslim terror” from the discourse. And he goes on.
Obama clarified recently that the Islamic State organization is not Muslim. Instead of waking up the hundreds of millions of Muslims, who are jihad’s main victims, Obama continues telling them that there is no problem. It’s not Islam at all. The Taliban is actually Buddhist, and Boko Haram is evangelical.

Free world caught in misconceptions about Muslim world

Op-ed: In past few decades, West has been trying to appease Muslim Brotherhood, hoping it would develop a moderate Islam. The result is thousands of European and American recruits joining jihad.

 Published: 09.15.14, 00:57 / Israel

The pullout of forces from both Iraq and Afghanistan was meant to disconnect the United States, as part of the free world, from the Muslim world. No more occupation, no more American and other military casualties, no more justifications for terror. This was a short-term illusion.

The Muslim world has a presence in the free world. It challenges the most basic values the free world is built on. It threatens. It pays. It disrupts free thought. It defies. No escape will help: It’s a bit difficult escaping something that is within you.

The jihad is not the paramount expression of the Muslim world, but it has become the greatest threat. The Islamic State is only one characteristic.

An “Islamic state” has been established in Nigeria in recent weeks and is slaughtering hundreds of thousands of people. As we speak, there are reports that Maiduguri, the capital and the largest city of Borno State in northeastern Nigeria, is being encircled by Boko Haram members. We are talking about a city with more than one million residents, mostly Muslims.

That won’t help them. The jihadists, and not only in Nigeria, kill mostly Muslims. The residents are scared to death. Why is the world protesting for the Yazidis but ignoring the Nigerians? Is there no need to save them too? Why they are the victims of the same jihad.

Well, in the Maiduguri area there is not a single foreign reporter. The foreign reporters are busy elsewhere. In Libya, the Islamic militias are taking over more and more chunks of the crumbling state. Similar processes are taking place in Afghanistan, the Pakistan, in Somalia and in Yemen, on one level or another.

John Kerry, the most prominent representative of the awakening West, clarified several days ago in the city of Mecca in Saudi Arabia that he sees the Arab media networks, Al-Arabiya and Al-Jazeera, as important partners in the battle against Islamic extremism. Is he serious?

Al-Jazeera is the main form of expression for spreading Islamic extremism. Why Yusuf Qaradawi, Sunni Islam’s leading scholar in the current era, has a weekly one-hour program on the station. That same Qaradawi, who is affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood movement, Hamas’ clear supporter, clarified in the past that the Muslims should complete Hitler’s job.

Qaradawi isn’t settling for Jews. In the past, he permitted the killing of Americans in Iraq. The killers were the same jihad members who founded ISIS. So is Qaradawi part of the coalition? Has the American administration completely lost its wisdom?

One could claim of course that this is a difficult time for the free world, and that at such a time partners should not be scrutinized. This claim suffers from the exact same blindness which has been leading the West in the past few decades, and the results are known in advance.

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