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Highly toxic Leftards.

So, radical Leftist Amira Hass interviews radical Leftist Erkki Tuomioja, and Israel is in the cross hairs. No surprise there, both of these purveyors of anti-Israel demonization try their best to foment persecution of the Jewish state at every level and opportunity available.

NOTE: A cluebat on the head for YLE, Israel is in ”Disputed Territories” and not in occupation of ”Palestinian land”.


FM to Israeli paper: Israel could also face EU sanctions

Finnish Foreign Minister Erkki Tuomioja has warned that Israel could face EU sanctions over its actions in Palestinian-occupied areas. Speaking to Israeli paper Haaretz, Tuomioja said that the EU may have to replace carrots with sticks in an effort to secure peace in the region.

Erkki Tuomioja.
Finnish Foreign Minister Erkki Tuomioja reiterated his call for possible sanctions against Israel. Image: Yle

In an interview with the Israeli daily Haaretz, Finnish Foreign Minister Erkki Tuomioja raised the example where the EU imposed sanctions against Russia over its actions in Ukraine.

Tuomioja said that the question has also arisen as to why similar sanctions had not been applied in the case of Israel, although it has occupied Palestinian areas for 47 years.

The Foreign Minister pointed out that so far Israel had been offered carrots in an effort to bring about peace in the region. He said that the EU might now have to resort to using the stick.

Tuomioja said that Israel and the Palestinians will not find peace without the United states, however he added that the EU should be involved in helping resolve the conflict.

Tuomioja has previously called for sanctions against both Israel and the Palestinian organisation Hamas in an effort to find peace.

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  1. I wouldn’t trust a European PC politician to keep care of my cat’s litter box.

    How the heck did they get voted into office?

    Their European multicultural fantasy land experiment – clearly is not working. How long will they ignore reality?

  2. It’s a puzzle why representatives of civilised countries sympathise with Muslim morons rather than civilised democratic Israelis?
    This is despite the behaviour of Islamoturds within their own countries!

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