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Radical egalitarian Sweden, a bastion of multicultural ”dildo sharia”*.

sweden muzzin in multicultural lala land

Those of you who read this blog regularly know how I feel about Sweden, the country has been taken over by the intolerant loon Left, while their pseudo ‘conservative’ lackeys content themselves with managing the asylum. Here’s a Swede that calls it like it is, thanks to Kumitonttu for bringing it to my attention.

The Swedish Observer:

But overall, the media aroused in me a new emotion towards Sweden, one I never dreamed I would ever feel: contempt. ”Things aren’t quite as bad as East Germany”, as dissident Swedes are wont to say, but this country no longer has full freedom of speech. The far left – that is to say, the Swedish media and establishment – is not interested in “debating” mass immigration. They are ideologically committed to imposing it, come what may, for the greater good, and anybody who disagrees is a “hater,” a “fascist,” a “nazi” or a “racist.”

I’m not exaggerating. You see those words over and over in the Swedish media. Which is to say, Sweden itself has become the closest thing western Europe now has to a fascistic, Nazi-like, hate-based regime – only it is wrong-thinking ethnic Swedes who are its victims, at risk of assault, home-trashing and media humiliation for voicing opposition to state immigration policy.

NOTE: * A term coined by Fjordman, to denote the Swedish elites’ peculiar penchant for promoting sexual soft porn for every day public consumption, while at the same time busily promote the importation of Muslim immigrants into the country.

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