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Because Denmark doesn’t want to gone down the crapper with un-assimilable refugees with the Swedes.

Sweden’s asylum influx worries Denmark

Sweden's asylum influx worries Denmark

Sweden is expected to take in as many as 100,000 refugees this year. Photo: Muhammad Hamed/Scanpix

Published: 11 Sep 2014 13:55 GMT+02:00

With Sweden taking in a record number of asylum seekers – 340,000 are expected over the next four years – Danish politicians are warning of the negative impact the influx could have on Denmark.

“The many Syrians who are coming to Sweden as refugees will become Swedish citizens in a matter of a few years. And with the agreements we have among the Nordic nations, there is nothing to stop them from then immediately moving to Denmark – without a Danish residence permit – and receiving welfare benefits from day one. It is a big danger,” Søren Espersen of the Danish People’s Party told Berlingske.

Espersen called on the Danish government to express “Danish concerns about the completely excessive immigration underway in Sweden” to their Swedish colleagues.

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