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It’s as if the creators of this video knew in advance of Obama’s intended policy statement on the Islamic State. It cuts to the bone to exactly, what they are, and represent. Pure Islam 101.

For those of us who deem 9/11 as a day that changed us forever, The following video is meant for your benefit, for it tells us exactly what is arrayed against us, Islam 101, in all of its basic forms that Mohamed would find appropriate.

mo tunic 29.12.2011

Vlad: On the first day of Eid Al-Fitr 2014, the newly minted Islamic State released a well produced, highly polished and well planned out video detailing its philosophy, its ambition, the means it was using to achieve its ends, and a thorough and detailed connection between the horrifying actions it took, mass slaughter, destruction of ancient sites sacred to millions and the Islamic ideology which demand that these actions be taken.

The video was pulled from Youtube within hours of its publication due to the last third of it, which show mass killing and desecration of the dead and dying. However this killing was not random or ‘gratuitous’ from the point of view of the Islamic State. It was part of a highly methodical overall plan for making the area, and ultimately the world, purely Islamic.

There are some aspects of the video however that cannot be understood for its intended meaning without some expert explanation as many terms and ideas and Koranic references are used which the non-Muslim lay-person will likely not understand, and which are crucial to get the full impact of this video. And it is a video which everyone should both see, and understand if one wishes to understand what Islam really is, and what it has in store for the world should it get the opportunity.

The video below has four experts who all agreed to watch the Islamic State video and describe what it is they felt that the rest of us need to know in order to understand properly what it is they are seeing.

Special thanks to:

Robert Spencer

David Wood

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