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Israel is used to such nonsense from many administrations, but especially so from this one, because its truly intentional. The Obama admin simply is anti-Israel. Full stop.

Report: US-Israeli misunderstanding led to breakdown of Gaza truce

It appears that a serious diplomatic miscommunication between Israel and the United States may have led to the breakdown of a cease-fire between Israel and Hamas during Operation Protective Edge last month, according to Army Radio.

The IDF-run radio station reported on Tuesday that the Americans mistakenly led Israel to believe that Hamas accepted an unconditional 72-hour cease-fire when in fact the Palestinian Islamist group never gave its consent to a key Israeli demand that it refrain from attacking troops already on the ground in Gaza.

On August 1, there were reports that Israel and Hamas would abide by a 72-hour cease-fire brokered by the US and the United Nations. The truce was scheduled to go into effect at 8:00 a.m.

Ninety minutes into the cease-fire, two IDF infantrymen were killed by Hamas operatives in an ambush near Rafah as they were searching for underground tunnels. In the attack, Hamas terrorists ran off with the body of Sec.-Lt. Hadar Goldin, who was later declared killed in action.

In the subsequent chain of events, heavy artillery fire was reported in the Rafah area, resulting in dozens of Palestinian casualties, according to reports.

Citing Israeli officials who have confirmed fresh details that have come to light, Army Radio says that the incident appears to have been borne out of a misunderstanding between the two men who brokered the cease-fire – US Secretary of State John Kerry and UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon – and the Israeli government.

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