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That Islamic genie is hard to get back into the bottle once let loose.

Hey, we had that in Helsinki and it raised barely an eyebrow when I reported on it way back in 2005. The big difference being, these Somalis didn’t trumpet it as sharia, but as a ‘community ‘ measure in keeping Somali youth in check, but in practice, it’s sharia enforcement, no Somali girl would want to be found by them on the streets at 11:00 in the evening.

Mohmad Musse,28 : “We do not run into girls often this late. It would be shameful for them to run into us in the street. They do not want to lose face in front of their community.”

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Residents of the German city of Wuppertal have expressed concern after a group of young radical Islamists started taking to the streets late at night, trying to deter revellers from drinking and gambling.

The self-styled “Sharia Police” have been patrolling an area around the city’s main train station, declaring the popular nightlife area to be a “Sharia Controlled Zone”. Deutshe Welle reports that witnesses have seen them handing out leaflets urging people not to drink alcohol, attend concerts, gamble, watch pornography or visit prostitutes.

The men are believed to be from the Salafi sect of Islam, which is closely related to the puritanical Wahhabi belief practised in Saudi Arabia. They walk around dressed in orange high-visibility vests with the words “Sharia Police” written on the back in English.

The city’s real police said they stopped 11 men aged between 19 and 33 on Wednesday night, and may bring charges of illegal assembly against them. However, after numerous residents complained to them, they have now also set up a hotline allowing people to report their concerns about the group.

Local police chief Birgitta Rademacher said that provocation and intimidation “won’t be tolerated”, adding that only officers appointed by the state had the right to act as police in Germany.

The city’s mayor, Peter Jung, supported the police’s stance: “These people’s intention is to provoke and intimidate and force their ideology [upon others],” he said.

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