Beheadings Islam in the UK



Question settled.

UPDATE:Edmonton beheading: First picture of man arrested after grandmother decapitated with machete (H/T: Vasara Hammer)

sun on beheading 5.9.2014

A GRANDMOTHER was beheaded in her back garden yesterday by a maniac with a machete.

The ranting man, said to be a Muslim convert, attacked 82-year-old Palmira Silva after decapitating cats in a bloody rampage.

The SUN H/T: Vasara Hammer

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  1. The rape of tens of thousands of young White girls in the UK, by hundreds of thousands of Muslims, is not just a crime, but rape being used as an instrument of war i.e., a collective act of war by Muslims in the UK. For this I’m afraid, there can only be one response – collective expulsion. Its sad that some innocents will suffer, but that is how it is in war. All the girls were innocent and they will carry their humiliation for life.

    Muslims reading this, note that you are killing&beheading each other, and everyone else, because of Mohammed. There is no point in pretending that all this has nothing to with Islam.

    Just as Christianity civilised Europe, particularly Germans and Vikings, there will be peace in Islamic lands only when they become Christian. Till then you will mass murder each other, and others, and rape and pillage.

    Please pray for poor benighted Muslims. They are in a trap worse then a physical one.

    1. You my friend are deluded. Christianity has been responsible for more deaths than any religion. Do you think the crusades were a rock band? Religion itself is the problem. Take that out of the equation and we all start to get along better

      1. Bull crap, Islam has been raping and pillaging ever since it broke out on the world scene in the 7th century. More blacks (slaves) died in transit from Africa to the Levant than in the cross Atlantic slave trade. According to historian Bill Warner, 270 million ”kafirs” died at the hands of their Muslim overlords over the past 1400 years. Christianity has its justified condemnation, secularism (defined in Nazism and Communism) has even more dead bodies under its belt, but Islam, stands alone in the record books.

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