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But the Muslim Brotherhood friendly Obama is always wrong.

The ‘democracy project’ for the region was a failure, as many warned it would be (I was a Johnny-come-lately). Our leaders should have been able to learn from history, for the first ‘democracy project’ started in San Remo after WWI, which was to usher in the rise of stable democratic governments with the help of nations slotted for the role of mandate caretaker.

It all went south save for the notable exception of Israel, which developed a free and democratic society based upon Western concepts of civil law. The rest were placated with kingdoms and tribal run parliaments all for the sake of some sort of regional stability which never came, for a state has to have a fully functioning civil society based upon the ‘golden rule’ which Islam could never tolerate.

That said, some sort of government was needed after the fall of Saddam and the Baathist party to keep the center together to avoid chaos, whether it be authoritarian or authoritarian light, removing the troops from the field only hastened the rise of al-Qaida affiliates (al-Nusra, Islamic State/ISIS), and there you have it. In this sense, and in this sense only, Bush was right about troop withdrawal, but not about the spreading of democracy.

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