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”Free-lunch-a right/everyone is a European so open the border” mentality run amok.

Extraordinary moment hundreds of migrants stormed P&O ferry at Calais in bid to get to Britain – but were held off by fire hose as they tried to overpower police 

  • At least 250 illegal immigrants attempted to board a ferry at the French port
  • Staff were forced to use a fire hose to stop the crowds pushing past them
  • Group pushed past machine gun-wielding police and climbed over fences 
  • Eventually stopped as they ran up the main ramp into the ferry’s vehicle hold
  • Incident comes as Calais’ mayor threatens to blockade the massive port
  • Natacha Bouchart is demanding Britain helps control immigrants in the area 


A ferry bound for Britain has been stormed by up to 250 illegal immigrants who tried to force their way on board the vessel at the French port of Calais.

Witnesses said security staff were forced to turn a fire hose on the crowds as they attempted to overpower officials and machine-gun wielding police by climbing over fences and running up the main ramp into the ferry’s vehicle hold.

The shocking incident took place yesterday afternoon, with P&O Ferries confirming that a ‘huge intrusion’ had occurred.

The news comes as the mayor of Calais threatened to blockade the port unless Britain pays out to compensate locals for the money spent controlling large and unsanitary immigrant camps in the area.

Natacha Bouchart says locals have been ‘taken hostage’ by about 1,500 migrants who hope to cross into the UK because they see it as ‘an Eldorado’ with a lax attitude towards immigration.

Detained: Witnesses said the crowds attempted to overpower officials and machine-gun wielding police by climbing over fences and running up the main ramp into the ferry's vehicle hold

There were two attempts to storm the ferry yesterday – the first by 90 immigrants, who forced their way through a gate and then over a fence before the ferry’s crew were able to raise the ramp in time.

A second attempt involving 150 individuals took place a short time later, with police able to block their path and detain them – again before they made it up the ferry’s ramp.

The ferry was delayed for about 45 minutes while a search for escapees was carried out, before eventually setting sail for Britain.

P&O had a ferry at the quayside today, and a spokesman said the scenes were ‘not unusual’.

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