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As they dump on Israel.


Is this solely for trade with Finland (Russian trade is sliding due to all the sanctions over the Ukraine situation), or for getting them (Iran) into a war of attrition with Islamic State? I haven’t a clue, but I received word of his travelling to Iran long before the Finnish press sought to publish it, getting it from back channels last Thursday.


NOTE: Tuomioja is an anti-Israel, hard-core Leftist.


FM Tuomioja: We’re on the road towards normalisation of relations with Iran


Foreign Minister Erkki Tuomioja says that Iran is on the path to normalized relations with the outside world. Tuomioja is in Tehran to meet the country’s senior leadership.


Iran is on the path towards normal relations with the west, according to Finland’s Foreign Minister Erkki Tuomioja. He is in Iran to meet the country’s leaders, and gave a press conference on Sunday with his counterpart, Mohammad Javed Zarif.


The focus was initially the country’s disputed nuclear programme.


“We do not have plans to develop nuclear weapons,” said Zarif. “We believe that nuclear weapons do not have a role in guaranteeing Iran’s security.”


Tuomioja is aiming to help in the thawing of relations between Iran and the west, a process that got a boost in 2013 when Hassan Rouhani was elected president. Shortly afterwards Iran entered negotiations on its nuclear programme amid a move towards improving relations with the west.


“We are on a road leading towards the normalisation of relations between Europe and Iran,” said Tuomioja after his meeting. “This is important to both sides and to the whole world. It could lead to positive changes if things are handled correctly.”


Iran has significantly increased contacts with Europe in the last year, with several EU foreign ministers visiting Tehran in the last six months.


Tuomioja is meets other senior Iranian leaders on Sunday before travelling to Georgia on Monday.


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