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The Left whines and moans.

Some Turku residents received the fleet of warships on the Aura river with open arms. The ships will be taking part in the Northern Coasts war exercise, and are open to the public on August 30—31. Saturday will see anti-Nato demonstrations in the south-western city.

Some 60 people at Turku anti-Nato demonstration – Video

Finland is hosting this year’s international Northern Coasts military exercise in Turku. Several dozen warships appeared on the Aura river yesterday.

Video: Sotilasliitto Natoa vastustavia Mielenosoittajia Turun Varvintorilla 30.8.2014.

Peaceful demonstrators in Turku on Saturday carried banners and pickets with slogans – like “To hell with the Nato bigwigs” – opposing the international Northern Coasts military exercises and military alliance Nato as an organisation.

In addition to reporters from Yle and other news channels, the peaceful protest was watched by both police and military police.

Dozens of warships arrived at Turku harbour on Friday for the annual multinational Northern Coasts war exercise, organised since 2007 and which Finland is hosting this year for the second time. The exercises involve some 10–15 countries every year, some of which are also members of the military alliance Nato.


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