All Islam, all of the time.

Well as soon as they (IS) drive themselves into town, they can thank him right before they saw off his head.

Earlier Saturday, Justice Minister Ashraf Rifi released a statement that said: “This morning, some people burnt the flag of ISIS in Sassine Square and their symbol reads: ‘No God but Allah and Mohammad the prophet of Allah,’ which is the cornerstone of Islam.”

Rifi criticized over response to burning of ISIS flag

BEIRUT: The justice’s minister’s call to prosecute individuals who burned the ISIS flag in Beirut has come under heavy fire Saturday with one MP offering to be the perpetrators’ lawyer should the case make it to court.

A picture of three boys burning ISIS and Nusra Front flags printed on two large billboards circulated on social media Saturday morning. The incident took place in the middle of the bustling Sassine Square in Ashrafieh.

The young men burnt the flags in retaliation to the alleged beheading of a Lebanese soldier by ISIS. Ali al-Sayyed is among 29 soldiers and police officers who were captured by Nusra Front and ISIS during the five-day Aug. 2 clashes between the Lebanese Army and militants from Syria in a border region.

A video also surfaced online showing the beheading of Al-Sayyed, but the Army has said it was still investigating the validity of the picture posted earlier this week by a man claiming to be an ISIS member.

In a move highly critical of the justice minister’s stance, MP Ibrahim Kanaan, a member of the FPM, announced that he would represent the young men in court once the prosecutor took action.

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