What a bunch of idiotic morons.

I invite the entire editorial staff of the NYT to relocate their office to Yemen.


New York Times: Europe Needs to Embrace Islam

August 29, 2014 by Daniel Greenfield 13 Comments

Let me spare you the effort of reading this. Islamic terrorism is caused by a failure to integrate. Europe must become Islamic to end Islamic terrorism.

That plan has worked in countries like Saudi Arabia, Yemen and Pakistan… all of which are Islamic and none of which have any terrorism.

European policies have prioritized socioeconomic measures. In other words, political efforts are needed to put an end to the ‘ghettoization’ of Islam, which is often depicted as alien and incompatible with Western core liberal values. It means that geopolitical issues like the “war on terror” should be disconnected as much as possible from Islam and its adherents and their practices.

Is any European government going out and connecting terrorism to Islam?

When Lee Rigby was beheaded in the UK, Cameron and Boris Johnson rushed out to announce that it had nothing to do with Islam. That’s the standard procedure.

Deny everything. No one mention the Jihad.

Jocelyne Cesari is victim blaming Europe using an imaginary strawman. The handful of belated measures in a few isolated parts of Europe, such as banning the Hijab, are blamed for Islamic terrorism.

And yet Islamic terrorism in Europe long predates these things.

Cesari blathers that Islam needs to be included in the European national narrative, but Islam, as we see in Syria and Iraq, rejects even the national narratives of Muslim countries, let alone European ones.

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  1. I read the article. It made me nauseous. How DARE that woman say the West should embrace a group of people who use a 7th century war manual as a religious text.

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