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The multiculturalists clap with their uncloven hooves.

And because a single shared language is the glue that binds a nation together, there will always be angst between these two language groups.

Loviisa plans Finland’s first completely bilingual school

A school in south-eastern Finland is set to become the first in the country to teach in both Finnish and Swedish. Schools currently teach in one of the two official languages, Finnish or Swedish, with the other taught as an additional language.

Isnäs-kylän kyltti maantien varressa.
The village of Isnäs could be a trailblazer in Finnish language policy. Image: Yle

The town of Loviisa is planning a radical solution to declining pupil numbers: making the Isnäs school bilingual. According to the municipality’s head of education Thomas Grönholm it would be the first school in Finland to teach subjects in both official languages.

“At least to the best of my knowledge something like this hasn’t happened before,” said Grönholm.

Many Finnish and Swedish language schools operate on the same premises but keep teaching separate, in the pupils’ mother tongues.

The Finnish and Swedish language schools in the village of Isnäs could be merged as early as the start of the next school year.

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