France Socialism



Yet another socialist success story!

One of the biggest mistakes of the Marshall Plan, and the Truman government (and future administrations), was to sit idly by and watch Europe embark upon democratic socialism as as model for society.

Three top economists expect a sharp decline in the stock markets. By one-fifth the prices could crash. Nevertheless, the researchers advise: savers should act prudently.
Three Nobel laureates, have warned against excesses in the markets. The rally of the past month was based in large part not on more solid economic growth or better to win, but was a result of cheap money that was paid for from lack of attractive alternatives in the equity markets.

French presidential candidate Francois Hollande dust up

France’s economy is completely out of joint

It is bad for the second largest economy in the Euro-zone. Unemployment is rising month by month, more and more companies collapse. Fast recovery is not in sight.

Normally. For this year, the mood in the second largest economy in the Euro-zone is clouded. This is not only in the rainy summer, but especially on the right herdümpelnden economy. Then there is the political crisis including government resignation, triggered by the dispute over the economic policy of President François Hollande.

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